Nearcut Online Payment Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions form part of the Nearcut Service Terms and Conditions and shall apply in the event the Client agrees to purchase NearcutÕs online payment service.  Capitalised terms used in these Online Payment Terms and Conditions have the meaning given to them in the Nearcut Service Terms and Conditions.

Third Party Payment Service Provider Terms

NearcutÕs online payment service is provided by a third party payment service provider (PSP) which is currently Stripe.  In order to utilize the online payments service, in addition to agreeing these Nearcut Online Payment Terms and Conditions, the Client must accept the PSP Terms of Service which are available here: (PSP ToS).

By utilizing the online payment service, the Client confirms: (a) that it has downloaded or printed the PSP ToS, and (b) that it has reviewed and accepts the PSP ToS.

The PSP ToS are the terms of the PSP and are not the terms of Nearcut.  Nearcut gives no assurance or warranty as to the suitability or appropriateness of the PSP ToS for Client and Client should review them carefully.

Nearcut Online Payment Terms

a.    Receiving money.  When a Customer pays the Client for their service(s) online, the payment is processed by the PSP.  The funds will arrive in the ClientÕs designated bank account 7 days later, on a 7 day rolling basis.  Nearcut does not carry funds at any time, therefore takes no responsibility over the transfer of money or any problems that may arise. All responsibility lies with the Client to maintain up to date information with the PSP. This process is available in the payment settings of the ClientÕs booking system.

b.    Transaction fees.  A transaction fee will be applied to each transaction.  The transaction fee is deducted at the point of sale; therefore, the Client will receive the price of the service minus the relevant fee.  Refunds are not subject to any transaction fee.

(i)   A fee of 2.9% + 20p will be applied if the Client requires all appointments to be prepaid or if the Client processes more than £1500 of gross transactions per month. Nearcut will monitor earnings and with discretion decide whether the Client qualifies for the 2.9% + 20p transaction rate.

(ii) A fee of 3.4% + 20p will be applied otherwise.

c.     Cancellations.  Disputes about cancellations must be dealt with directly by  the Client.  Each Client will decide on his own cancellation policy. Eg, how long before an appointment the Customer should no longer be able to cancel and get a refund (this is the cancellation cut off point). It is the responsibility of the Client to set the cancellation cut off point in the booking system settings. The cancellation cut off point will be clearly displayed on the booking page to the Customer and will form the ClientÕs cancellation policy, which the Customer must agree to in order to book.

d.    Refunds.  All disputes between the Client and the Customer are to be resolved between the two parties.  Nearcut takes no responsibility in any disputes, or involves itself in any disputes of any kind.  If the Customer cancels before the cancellation cut off, then they will automatically be refunded the full amount. After that point it is at the ClientÕs discretion as to whether a refund will be made. The Client will be able to issue a refund manually by clicking on the CustomerÕs appointment and pressing ÔRefundÕ. 

e.    Missed appointments.  Nearcut takes no responsibility in any disputes, or involves itself in any disputes of any kind.  If a Customer pays and misses the appointment, then they will not be refunded. The Customer must contact the Client directly about any disputes. It is at the ClientÕs discretion as to whether a refund will be made. 

f.      Chargebacks.  With all card payments, there is a risk that the Customer will charge back the transaction to the Client. If this happens, the Client will need to provide evidence to the payment processor that the Customer agreed to pay.  The Client should include on its website a clear policy about missed appointments and cancellations, which CustomerÕs agree to at the point of booking. If the Customer then disputes the charge, the Client is better able to demonstrate to the Customer and the PSP that the Customer agreed to the terms and conditions by booking an appointment. If the dispute is resolved in the ClientÕs favour, then the Client will keep the money and the Customer will be liable for any disputed fees. If the dispute is resolved in the CustomerÕs favour, then the Customer will be refunded the money and the PSP will charge the Client its then current dispute fee for the dispute. Any of these charges will be debited from the ClientÕs bank account as agreed in the PSPÕs terms and conditions. The Client accepts that the dispute charge is out of NearcutÕs control and accepts any future increases subject to the PSP ToS.