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Davie Walker | Davie The Barber

Nearcut has quadrupled the size of my business. Forcing pre-payments means I keep the money even if the customer doesnโ€™t turn up. The marketing system is so easy and it has driven tens of thousands of pounds of haircuts for me!

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Already making a difference to my salon after one week! Nearcut, what a great experience and what a chap Martyn Potts actually is... There every step of the way... Hats of to this team!

Good website, easy to book on line and to check when I had last haircut.

Very easy system and great facility for all customers, highly recommended ๐Ÿ‘

So simple even a 57 year old technophobe like me can operate it ๐Ÿ‘

Team Nearcut

Exceptional customer service along the way.

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Will Bell
Director & Founder
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Sam Bennett
Business Development
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Andy Firth
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Brodie Milne
Team hayley 24e67e0845894f88247b8eacc84e1f8c9068b4ab13487771c38e234ba51b4712
Hayley Fallon
Community Manager
Team matt 435becc8bd9c7aeeed53143124a7d977f294cb6d2af036ec09837d3a57d20bde
Matt Harrison
Barber & Co-Founder Emeritus
Team martyn 9e5e8c91e01097d0b8b33065e5e8efee282acaaaccaf43d09d2c85b136f822c0
Martyn Potts
Business Development
Team trystan 9633a492deb80056cc8bfb52f3664c800cc5c0efc73c06e34bf8251c072c51ac
Trystan Surawy-Stepney
Web Development

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