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Davie Walker | Davie The Barber

Nearcut has quadrupled the size of my business. Forcing pre-payments means I keep the money even if the customer doesnโ€™t turn up. The marketing system is so easy and it has driven tens of thousands of pounds of haircuts for me!

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Great booking system

I've been using nearcut for about 5 months now. It works great and am very happy with it

Nice easy to use system

Great easy booking online


Very good. Easy. Fast and more importantly for me, simple!

Great booking system

Very quick and simple. Impressed!

One thing I've realised since not having a phone, no access to social business has continued to run, actually never been busier! Nearcut has basically ran the show, with Cancellation Watch killing it for me, every day had at least 10-12 people waiting for an appointment and when a cancellation happens, it's automatically booked. I'm booked out till 10th August and having to add extra days! Literally worry free, I'm gradually coming off social media to the point where scheduled posts are all I'll make. Life is goooooood

Simple, effective and does what it says on the tin!!! Brilliant.


This is by far the best booking software I have come across. It's very easy to use for both the owner and clients. It has made managing my time easier and more efficient. Any questions I have had have been answered by Sam within seconds. Once again highly recommend.

Incredibly simple booking.

Great service and very easy to use booking system

Team Nearcut

Exceptional customer service along the way.

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Will Bell
Director & Founder
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Sam Bennett
Business Development
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Andy Firth
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Brodie Milne
Team hayley 24e67e0845894f88247b8eacc84e1f8c9068b4ab13487771c38e234ba51b4712
Hayley Fallon
Community Manager
Team matt 435becc8bd9c7aeeed53143124a7d977f294cb6d2af036ec09837d3a57d20bde
Matt Harrison
Barber & Co-Founder Emeritus
Team martyn 9e5e8c91e01097d0b8b33065e5e8efee282acaaaccaf43d09d2c85b136f822c0
Martyn Potts
Business Development
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Trystan Surawy-Stepney
Web Development

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