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Davie Walker | Davie The Barber

Nearcut has quadrupled the size of my business. Forcing pre-payments means I keep the money even if the customer doesn’t turn up. The marketing system is so easy and it has driven tens of thousands of pounds of haircuts for me!

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I would recommend "Traditional Barbers" to anyone looking for good service, friendly and a first class cut.

Hi, I thought it was very handy and easy to use.. brilliant.. so much less stress ..thank you guys


I really like being able to book and knowing there won't be a great queue in the waiting room. Feels safer and better use of my time.


Very good enjoy Cookes

My reviews on Google have shot from 30 to over 60 in a few weeks. It literally took 3 years to get 30 5 stars and now I have over 60! Again, Thankyou!

All online systems operate in different ways and have to be navigated and learned by new users.
This one was not difficult for me to learn, and when I'd used it once it was easy to navigate subsequently.

Also, I much prefer to book an appointment for a haircut than to sit in the barbers shop for hours awaiting my turn.
I find this to be a much more civilised way to go on.

Great booking system at Mr. Barbers. So easy to use and convenient. Will continue with this system.

Absolutely fantastic hair cut by Nicola at demon barbers. 100% recommend Nicola and Kieron really friendly genuine people.

Excellent service.

This brilliant system fits in perfectly with my very busy schedule

Makes getting a haircut so easy. Time to suit yourself 👍

Brill service and first rate barbers. Nice choice in music as well.

Very easy app to use and quicker than phoning.

First class booking system and so easy to do.

Simple and fast

I don’t know what you have done but it’s the best booking app I’ve every used. It’s clear, it’s informative and you can change your mind before you press the vital button!

So easy to use for booking/cancellation. Highly recommended

Takes all the ‘wondering’ if the barber’s shop will be busy or not so can plan parking times etc!


no waiting about for hours in and out quickly

Team Nearcut

Exceptional customer service along the way.

Will Bell
Director & Founder
Sam Bennett
Business Development
Andy Firth
Brodie Milne
Hayley Fallon
Community Manager
Matt Harrison
Barber & Co-Founder Emeritus
Martyn Potts
Business Development
Trystan Surawy-Stepney
Web Development

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