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Davie Walker | Davie The Barber

Nearcut has quadrupled the size of my business. Forcing pre-payments means I keep the money even if the customer doesnโ€™t turn up. The marketing system is so easy and it has driven tens of thousands of pounds of haircuts for me!

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Brilliant way to book an appointment from the comfort of your own home.


Great booking system

Martyn was spot on with getting me set up, I was with a previous booking system that were impossible to work with and hard to get responses from. Martyn was a breath of fresh air in comparison he responded promptly and couldn’t be more patient when it came to getting my data transferred across. I’m looking forward to seeing how the extra marketing boosters your system has to offer such as the built in loyalty scheme and the watch list which will help maintain consistency in my shop.

I’ve got to say that Nearcuts customer service is as good as it gets. Efficient and friendly, the best move I’ve ever made for my business.

Sorry it’s late but I just wanted to provide some feedback to you - we’ve received an exceptional service!

Our customers are thoroughly delighted with Nearcut. We have received such fantastic feedback regarding your booking system. We are over the moon.

It comes at no disrespect to Squire but our customers have already expressed that your system is far more user friendly - by a clear mile.

I will relay a detailed feedback to Will Bell (who has emailed us) as we have received an an unparalleled service so far, matched by our customers feedback too.

Thank you once again to you and your amazing team.

I'm extremely impressed with this app mate, so easy to use and ticks all if the boxes, very very good mate.

Nice and easy to use even for an Oldie :)

Brilliant system

I came on board back in October 2016 and I would never go back to walk ins.  Nearcut has made a massive positive improvement to my business &, if truth be told, has kept me in a game that I was considering quitting.  

Keep up the good work & I know the team go from strength to to strength.

easy and practical

The booking process was simple and straightforward. The website has a real professional feel and worked really well.

Excellent time keeping 

Excellent system

Very pleased with how easy it was to book

Booking easy and quick


Jamie Blackmore We are entering our 7th Month using @nearcutuk . We can honestly say its been incredible! So easy to use, so many great comments from clients saying how good it is! They have so many tools to help us run our business, one of these tools is cancellation watch, when you go on to book your next appointment you can opt in for cancellation watch and you will receive a text message informing you of any cancelled appointments that you may want. Great for you and us ๐Ÿคท‍โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ’ˆ๐Ÿ˜

Very easy and quick to use.

Very straightforwar. Efficient service.

I love the online booking system. It saves me time.

Very efficient

First class as usual.


But basically my business has trebled in a year? What a hero ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ all down to your app mate. If you want me to leave a review I’d be happy to

It's one of the best features on Nearcut, we rarely have any dead time due to cancellations now.

we also recently switched on the review/feedback feature too which has resulted in a load of new customers nearly all saying they've spotted our reviews on google and wanted to give us a try. 

best booking system out there by a mile!


I love nearcut its not the cheapest but since I open the shop we are beaten each target  every  mouth and the knowledge  of you being there when I am stuck really helps you made a difference when I am stuck I know your only a message  away .I made sure I dint bother  you on holiday  as time off is valuable.  Without you and nearcut my little  business would be nowhere near were it is today bud :blue_heart:

Team Nearcut

Exceptional customer service along the way.

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