So simple

So simple even a 57 year old technophobe like me can operate it πŸ‘





Doesn't get any easier than this

Booking to get my hair cut doesn't get any easier than this. In fact i feel like i've had done already.

Works well

Works well

After 9 weeks of appointments, I just wanted to say how well it's gone. Transition was pretty smooth and my clients love the booking system, how easy it is and they love not having to wait an hour plus for a haircut! And I feel like I've done half a days work compared to previous Saturdays'. Thanks for everything!!

Would not look at anything else

As a barbershop in today’s climate, we are always moving and pushing things forward. Nearcut has enabled us to do so, in so many areas of business. Nearcut is always moving forward and offering its customers new things. All our customers find the service easy to use and now even better with the addition of our DC’s app. They even tailor the system to fit seamlessly into our website. Would not look at anything else πŸ‘Œ

Works very well

System works very well. Have been using it for some months and never a problem

Great Service

I posted on Planet Barber as my son is opening his own shop and I asked about online bookings. Thank you for the recommendations. I can’t recommend Nearcut enough. Great service, Martyn Potts has helped with our FB, website and set us up in less than 24 hours. First 3 months free too! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Such a great system

Such a great system

Very easy to use and intuitive

Really like the booking system. Very easy to use and intuitive. Wouldn’t change anything. It really is great to not to have to hang on the phone to make appointments and to be able to cancel/book/rearrange online. It’s definitely a service that will keep me going back.

Best decision by a mile!

Been using nearcut for almost a year. I would never ever go back to walk ins now. My regulars always comment on how good the booking system is. Best decision with the shop so far by a mile!



Brilliant system!

Brilliant system! I booked in for a cancellation for my little boy and received text messages with times I could book when it came to that day - perfect! x

I'm very pleased I went with it

I'm very pleased I went with it, customers always give good feedback on it

Very easy to book

Very easy to book.

Booking system is excellent

Booking system is excellent. I know just how long I am going to be so can plan my day around this

Wow... I've been running my online booking app a year now...if it hadn't been for that...I would have closed down due to bad health... thank you Sam and the team at Nearcut... all new lease of life... xx

Excellent, very easy

Excellent, very easy booking system

Brilliant just what I needed

Brilliant just what I needed

Just want to sat thanks to you and the Nearcut team, we have been using your system for over a month and it has proven to be a great investment. We are a new business and we were sceptical to go over to bookings but we are forever getting compliments on how easy it is to use and now have over 230 people registered in a month. We use the text alerts and customers love it, highly recommend

Best system I'veΒ ever had to use

The whole booking set up is by far the best system I've ever had to use on a website. Pat yourselves really really hard on the back. Job very well done πŸ‘

Good work Nearcut!

F***ing love the new dashboard. It's top

Good work Nearcut!

Great hassle free.

Great hassle free.



Mathew Guerin, BMB: Barber of the Year 2018, British Hall of Fame Winner, Multi-award Winning Barber

Proud to be a part of nearcut. It's because of your system I am where I am today. So thank you


Good evening, I'm sorry I know it's late and out of hours BUT just wanted to let you know Nearcut is #AWESOME

Keep up the good work.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and all the best.

Very impressed with the booking system

Hi Guys
This will be my first visit, very impressed with the booking system,and looking forward to a long association with the business.

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Smart, easy to use

Smart, easy to use

Custom app

We were one of the first to have the custom app done by you guys, and its awesome.

Amazing easy to use service

Massive thanks to the guys at Nearcut. They have an amazing easy to use service that is recommended to any other barbershop thinking of taking bookings. 

IΒ love this app

Nearcut is far the best way to book beats waiting in the barbers you can walk straight in and take a seat. I love this app, thank you!

Great System

Great system only walked in the door and elaine who i booked was ready to cut my hair , and what a job she done im over the moon with the cut thanks elaine 

Extremely simple and convenient

Extremely simple and convenient booking system. Very Professional

Nearcut has been the turning point in our business

Nearcut has been the turning point in our business - we’d recommend any busy barber shop to join up with them. Best customer service going 😊


Booking with Ste or Shep is easy by the Web.

10 out of 10

Very good system - 10 out of 10


I must say the booking system was superb

So easy to book appointments

Great to find a “new quality friendly” barbers & so easy to book appointments. Will visit again! Thank you guys. 

So good

I don’t know if you guys actually realise how good you actually are πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯ Honestly my life is completely different since you guys come on board.. thankyou πŸ™Œ

First class system

Quick and easy, first class system.

Just wanted to publicly thank Sam Bennett for convincing me to start appointments up. I was VERY sceptical, but a new lad started for me and his customers were used to appointments. I started off with him offering 2 days a week on appointments and me doing all walk ins.

Soon enough my regulars cottoned on and wanted to book appointments so I started offering one day a week. That started getting booked very quickly so I moved to two days on appointment.

5 months down the line and we are switching to all appointment as the demand for it is a madness. It’s also allowed me to take a 3rd lad on to cover walk ins.

Best customer service of any product I’ve used as well, inside and outside of barbering.

I've been using Nearcut now for around a year. I was little sceptical as I run my business mainly by walk ins. Nearcut has allowed me to establish a new market of clients through the booking system. My clients are complimentary on how easy booking is. I get paid directly on Booking and have a 0% no show rate. The people of Nearcut are onto great things and I would recommend their services every time

New Upgrade is Brilliant

New upgrade is brilliant πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Loving the new outlay

Absolutely loving the new outlay and the whole customising options. Looks so much more polished. Thank you!


Very easy booking system

Spot on

Excellent idea....really easy to do. Spot on. 

Nearcut is the best decision ever

Nearcut is fantastic for my shop, I started off on my own and couldn’t handle the flow of walk-ins on my own, spoke to Sam and decided to give it a go, best decision ever. I've had it now for nearly a year - I now get a lunch break and able organise my day, then I employed another barber to cover the extra work and she’s now onto the system, Worked so well I now have another barber going onto it at the end of the month and then finally my last barber should be heading over to it by summer. My clients feed back is it’s very easy to use and there happy they don’t have to que anymore. I feel the service is priced extremely fairly, I have need extra support on advertising how the system works ect to my clients and the Nearcut team have always been available

What a difference it's made

Just wanted to thanks Sam and the team at NEARCUT for their constant support and help with the booking website. What a difference it’s made to wait time in the shop... I’m sure our customers will agree?? (Plz leave feedback below guys!!?)
We can’t imagine a day in the shop without appointments πŸ€·πŸΌ‍♀️ we’re sure it’s the way forward.. seen it here first πŸ˜‰
Check out the website for latest appointments updated in real time πŸ‘πŸΌ...

Fantastic and so easy to access

Fantastic and so easy to access

Thanks a lot Nearcut

"Great to see you moving forward with things. Just wanted to thank you and the team for making me very welcome and for the attentiveness, willing and helpfulness. It’s mega appreciated."

Alex very pleased with the start of his Nearcut journey

Hi having a great start with the system actually well pleased with how its working out for my shop. 


"Leading the competition for online booking systems"

You guys rock!! Loving all the tweaks you’re doing on the way. Never had one drama with the site nor has any customer. In my honest opinion leading the competition for online booking systems for Barbers. Legends!

Thank you Sam, can already tell this is going to be brilliant! The app is ace as well you all have done really well!

Best thing I did

Thanks mate best thing I did getting Nearcut

First impressions

Like the new App and system :)


Excellent haircut & booking system!

Less chance of son losing money!

Love online booking system - so easy to use & happy to prepay.  Less chance of son losing money!

Tip Top!

The booking system is tip top!

Nearcut has been a huge success for me

Business couldn’t be better. Nearcut has been a huge success for me, thanks again!

Nearcut has been a huge success for me

Business couldn’t be better. Nearcut has been a huge success for me, thanks again

I f****** love it mate. Genuinely best thing i ever done for the shop mate and with my son due in may, its just made my life alot easier!!’

My business has grown so much!

You have helped my business grow so much it's unreal 

Best thing i've ever done

My customers say it's the best thing I've ever done...even the ones who said I was making the wrong move now love it


BOOKED UP!  Big thank you to Sam and the Nearcut team. Busy all week!

Best change my business has ever had

I've been using nearcut now for around 6 months and can honestly say it's the best change my buisness has ever had... My days are so easy now with the system doing all the work for me .Im literally never stressed in work. The site was very easy to set up and use on a daily basis and the team are incredibly helpful with any issues you may have. If there's ever a problem the guys r on hand constantly and the customer service is second to none. Best thing I've done


I can’t believe how much the website and progressed in the year I’ve been using it! It’s been the best thing I’ve done ... and my phone is always quite I think it’s me being dead but it’s all being done online lol! Amazing

Fantastic service

Had fantastic service from the start, best thing I’ve done for the business was joining with Nearcut. Sam Bennett in particular has been a star and would recommend this company to every barber out there! Cheers guys.

Constant updates and improvements

Nearcut is the most hard working, efficient, sexy secretary you'll ever have. It's allowed me to grow a business from nothing into a brand with minimal interruption from clients.

And the best bit? Your secretary has her own team working away for her and delivering constant updates and improvements it's a no brainer!

Did I mention clients love it? Managing their own diary so you dont have to. Allowing you to attract busier people with their own timeslot is something we should all do, did you know most people short on time work hard and have disposable income to spend in your shop?

I've never had an problems with the software or the team they always go above and beyond for me it's a dream come true!

Everybody is loving it

This app and online bookings system is the best thing yet.  Everybody is loving it.

When I think it cant get any better...

The new quick date is amazing.....just when I think it can't get any better. Thanks guys

After 30 years of walk ins...

Well with a lot of scepticism due to thirty years of walk-in's I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't gone and tried it. As a sole trader I'm bringing it in slowly but already on Saturdays I'm now working two hours over my regular 2pm finish as I'm over capacity. After seven weeks of using Nearcut now I've only had one appointment that hasn't been taken. I haven't had one no show yet and every cancelled appointment (even on the day) has been filled. The transition was flawless from me manually adding walk in customers that didn't know, to everyone wanting a Saturday haircut now booking and the beauty is that I've still got a month's free trial left! Thursdays next and I'm sure they'll work out just as well as Saturday has... Thanks guys!

Top job

After trialing Nearcut for the past three months & with the news that a app is coming this week it is fair to say we think it is the dogs b.....ks! We love it but more importantly so do our clients...Bravo...top job lads!

Amazing service

Lads, the service I have been getting from Nearcut is amazing!

Impressive service

Great way of ensuring you get a haircut at a time that suits.
Good to be able to leave a comment on the booking page, very useful for giving staff a heads up before you arrive.
Impressive service.

Nearcut is smashing it!

One week in with the new barbershop and Nearcut is smashing it !! Pretty much 80% of our bookings have been made by the customers online (they love it !). Simple, easy to use and the team at Nearcut are super helpful throughout. Can't wait for the app. Thank you !!

It's awesome

Im really happy with it.  It has made things loads more manageable, thank you.

Amazing value for money

Incredibly simple to set up, amazing value for money, great guys to work with and having appointments has actually made my shop busier the it was when I just did walk ins! No long queues with kids getting bored, customers have complete control of their appointments and are in and out with time to eat on their lunch break! I'd never go back to walk ins now that I use Nearcut!

Customers love it

Nearcut has completely changed the way my shop runs. There used to be long queues and as a result we'd lose customers who didnt want to be sat in the shop for 2 hours.  Now with the appointment system we stay busy most of the week, instead of having mad busy rushes then long periods with hardly anyone in.  The high majority of my customers love the online booking system too, its very easy to use, from both a customers point of view and our own.  The support from the guys who run nearcut has also been top class. Always happy to help no matter what small issues I've had, and usually a very fast response time.

Great website

Not something I normally do but i wanted to give a massive reccomendation for a local business and outstanding services offered at Lads n Dads.  Sadly haven't been able to use the barbers for quite a while due to it's popularity and waiting times at busy periods but they have invested in the business and got a great website which now allows me to book a fixed appointment with him.  

Simplified my life

Absolutely the Bomb!!!

If not for this system... 
I would not be as productive in my work, would be unable to manage my workforce to its best ... and would never get lunch or a cuppa!!
Thank you Nearcut!
You have simplified my life...

My shop has grown from strength to strength

Since coming on board with the nearcut team my shop has grown from strength to strength on a weekly basis it offers more choice to customers to be able to book In as their own ease and have a time to suit them, it's the up and coming thing which is preventing heavy queues forming in my shop, also ideal if your  working alone which I am. 
All of the team have worked so hard to help me promote this along with a fabulous & stylish website they set up for me the whole system caters for all age groups. 
Highly recommend coming on board with these guys and watch how they help your clientele grow

Great and easy

I didnt know these guys before until i seen an ad, i contacted them, and from the minute i did, my business has been less stressful and more organised. 
I was working myself, doing all sorts of extra hours, finding it hard to get a break to eat or even go to the toilet.
With my appointment system in place i can organise what i'm doing and my customers can view my schedule and pick what suits them best.
Sam, Will, and Andy are 3 of the guys i've dealt with in the company.. Absolutely spot on guys to work with, anything i have misunderstood (Cause i'm rubbish with tech) Sam or Will have sorted, they have ALWAYS returned an email, tx or phone call, within a couple of hours.. and sorted any initial hiccups (on my part) straight away.
These guys are wizards with this.
I run my site with my phone, no laptops or computers.
The system set up is easy and continues to be once your up and running.
All the customers who use it say its great and easy too.

Thanks again NEARCUT.

Simple for us and our customers

With the growth of our business we were in need of a new plan to help restructure how we handle busy spells, with the use of Nearcut it has taken our shop to the next level with the simplicity of the booking app for both ourselves and our customers.

7 months on I'm fully booked all the time

I have been using NEARCUT online booking for 7 months now.i was very worried about changing from walk-ins to appointments but something needed to be done as I was getting so busy and couldn't cope as I work on my own,I was loosing clients through the long waiting times.
Some days were becoming stressful and I wasn't enjoying Saturday's at all,with queues of people,children getting bored just madness. I heard about NEARCUT so thought I would give it a trial.i pre warned clients for a few months that I was changing to appointments so they had plenty of notice. The day it went live a few booked in and still had walk-ins but I just explained they need to book and explained how to book ..7 months on I'm fully booked all the time ..no waiting ..bored children just smoothly run days and happy clients and actually love my Saturday's now as they are stress free. Thankyou NEARCUT for making my job a lot easier !!