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Nearcut Trade is the easiest way to order quality supplies for your barbershop and ensure you always have your customers’ favourite products in stock.

Nearcut is the only booking system with barbering supplies, stock management and automatic reordering. We’ve partnered with some of the leading brands to make it easier than ever for you to order the best products.

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  • Easily order the products your customers want
  • Keep track of your stock so you never run out
  • Automatic reordering

All from your easy-to-use Nearcut booking system, at no extra cost.

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Nearcut Trade is available as part of your Nearcut barbershop booking system.

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  • Easy-to-use online booking system your customers will love
  • Customised website and app for YOUR barbershop
  • Reduce queues and fill cancellations
  • More freedom in your business (and your life!)

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